Thursday, February 9, 2012

Marriage Counselling

I adore the pastor this is marrying us. He is pretty young and has a large family. I met one of his sons and the interactions between the two are adorable!

At our first counselling session we talked about the things we love about each other. We also had to talk about 3 things we don't like. That part was hard. Gag worthy I know, but we are still in the honeymoon phase :). We eventually each came up with 3 specific times we were upset. The next thing we talked about was sex. He made us decide how many times a week we want to have sex and encouraged us to stick to it. That was the most awkward part. I'm not use to discussing how important sex is with a pastor. I'm use to the "save it" high school pastor speeches.

Tomorrow we have our next session. We will be getting "interviewed" separately so he can write about us for the service. Oddly that is making me nervous...

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  1. Hi,
    My name is Kathryn. I saw a comment you posted on and thought it was interesting that you were 18 when you were married. I was too, now I'm 19 and pregnant (which, sadly, isn't that strange). It is funny how odd it seems to be married so young, but then finding out how common it actually is.
    After reading your posts, I am curious how your wedding went. I hope that it was beautiful, and just how you and your new husband wanted it.
    I hope that you are enjoying your newlywed life!